See and do in Hellvi

Hellvi and northern Gotland offers a beautiful often harsh nature. The coast has countless favorite places. A great place is St. Olofs Holm, which has a breathtaking view of sea and country. It also attracts a sweet bay and pedestrian walkways.


The village of Hellvi has its roots in the limestone industry. Part of the limestonel came from the rocky area "Kyllaj hajdar" there the nature is almost completely flat and treeless. In several places one finds traces of small, shallow quarries. In the dense forest between hajdarna and raukarna grows the purple orchid Epipactis atrorubens that bloom in July with a special vanilla scent.

Around the village there are great natural areas. From the cliff edge at Kyllaj has a stunning view of raukar, limestone ruin, ports, sea and the archipelago Klasen, Fjaugen och Lörgeholm.

St. Olaf Holm is the southernmost tip of Hellvi village with a magnificent view over the coast and sea. According to legend it was here that the Norwegian king Olaf Haraldsson in the early 1000´s went ashore on his trip to Russia and Christian islanders. A delightful country walks where you can happily take along a picnic.

Lergravsporten is one of Gotland´s most remarkable raukar that rise  stately in the rauk area Lergrav in Rute. At Lergrav and conservation area Husken offers nature an open landscape and from the rauk area you have a wonderful view out to sea.

Furillen is located between Husken and Lergrav and is a peninsula with a stunning barren landscape. Out on Furillen, is a luxury hotel in an old factory with its own photo studio, restaurant and café.

Strandriddargården in Kyllaj dating from the 1700s when Cornet Johan Ahlbom – warriors of King Charles XII´s army was appointed coastguard or beach riders, whose task was to protect the area against illegal trade and smuggling. The museum is located near the sea and exciting limestone kilns.

Hide culture quarry is an old limestone quarry where it is arranged unique music events in summer. A cool place to lounge around in.


At Hide Bay is a lovely shallow beach perfect for young children. Beside the beach lies the little fishing village Bovik.


In Valleviken you can rent a kayak and paddle on your own along the coast and out to neighboring islands.

Smöjens limestone quarry is an exciting place popular with divers. All along the cape offers great diving experiences at sea. It is forbidden to dive in querries in the old limestone factory.


Factory Furillen restaurant with unique menu every day are designed exclusively for every occation. Patrons prefer to leave the kitchen to surprise. Only table reservation.

Sea restaurant Valleviken is a nice restaurant and café located in the port. Sjökrogen classic seafood boiler can be enjoyed in the cozy basement or in summer on the patio right on the quayside.