See & do in Buttle

Buttle parish is situated on the middle of the island. In the north, adjacent to Vänge, in the east to Ala, in the south to Etelhem and in the west to Guldrupe. Here you can experience the genuine Gotland countryside with a beautiful  scenery. As Buttle is located on the middle of the island is an ideal base for excursions in all directions. An evening dip in the popular freshwater bath at Sigvalde in the neighboring parish Etelhem is cozy. In Sigvalde a bridge as part of a section for young children, but also a diving platform for the brave and swimmers.

Buttle is an old parish that witness of many ancient memories.  Many foundations and stonewalls are well preserved. That includes 12 burial ground with over 260 graves.

At Hägsarve is a large rock with not less than 64 grinding grooves in one place. Has there been a significant arms production in Buttle, or have the grooves come in any other way?

Church of Buttle is from the 1100's with the tower from the early 1200s. It was hit by multiple lightning strikes and fires in the late 1600s and was virtually unused for 40 years until in 1740 began an extensive renovation. 1740 also cast the 440 kg heavy church bell that has a very beautiful sound.

The picture stones at Änge in Buttle from 700's is a nice destination. The right image block is also highest Gotland picture stone, about 4 m high.

Coastal / Bath:
Ljugarns beach is a popular beach on the coast, about 15 km from the cottage. In Ljugarn one can find during the summer several restaurants, cafe etc. Also try a trip to Katthammarsvik where  there is a restaurant, cafe, fish smoking and a beach. Sandvikens popular sandy beach with shallow beach is another fine outing. Roma bathing spot at Varplösa and Sigvalde are two popular lake.

Summertimes at Roma Kungsgård shows performances at the beautiful outdoor theater in the old monastery ruins.

Norrby museum (Väte) To visit Norrby Museum farm is like making a trip back in time to the 1940s. The farm is open during the summer. The farm has sheep, horses, pigs, chickens and rabbits, as a water mill which ground flour every year. There is also a cafe and a nature and culture trail you can walk by your own.

Gotland Train (Dalhem): Sure, there are trains on the island. At the station Hesselby in Dalhem midtown Gotland  Hesselby Jernväg (GHJ) - the only complete railway environment from Gotland which is preserved. In 2015, the railways have been extended to Roma stop. Take a trip with the train from Dalhem to Roma, maybe visit the Beutiful Roma Kungsgård, where the famous theatre taken place. (The railway is availble in the summertime).  

Kraka Restaurant (Kräklingbo), Ljugarn has several restaurants and cafes in the summer, Etelhem pottery cafe. The Pizza restaurant Brunnen and the café in Roma are both open year round.

Gumbalde Stånga, 9 hole course Ljugarn.

Lamb and Bi (Buttle). A number of potters in the parishes Etelhem, Garda, Lye and Viklau. Textile Crafts (Etelhem)