Sören & Eva, Tarras & Eva

Boka stuga på Gotland

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The farmers cottages by Sjaustru in Gammelgarn are built by Sören Jacobsson and Eva Josefsson together with Tarras Martinsson and Eva Jetsell.

Sören and Eva lives in a yellow house about 500 meters from the cottages. We have horses so if you fancy horsebackriding just contact us. If you want to stay in the cottages and bring your own horse that can also be arranged, we have space available.

Tarras and Eva also lives near the cottages together with their two dogs and a turtle. Tarras works in the forest industry and Eva in healthcare. We both like animals and the nature, and we often take walks with our dogs.

We are all interested of the regions future and work actively with developing the area. Together we have started the company "Sjaustru Living & Free Time AB" for our farmers cottages.

Welcome to Sjaustru!

Sören Jacobsson and Eva Josefsson
Tarras Martinsson and Eva Jetsell